City of Jordan Arbor Day Tree Sales


April 26, 2024, is Arbor Day!

“Arbor Day 2024 is all about ensuring our earth and the trees upon it are all happy, healthy, and growing to be as strong as they possibly can be!” (National Arbor Day 2024 theme)

The City has taken a proactive step by purchasing trees to encourage the planting of new trees in our community. We are offering 100 trees at reduced rates, making it easier for you to contribute to a greener, healthier environment. The sale will run for two weeks, starting Friday, April 26, through Friday, May 10. You can conveniently pick up and pay in person at City Hall during our regular business hours. Please note, this offer is exclusively for City of Jordan residents. We have a limited variety of trees available, including 50 Autumn Blaze Maples and 25 each of Pin Oaks and American Elms. (Limit five trees per person)


Autumn Blaze Maples 6”-18’                                                                       $5.00/each

Pin Oak 12”-18”                                                                                                $1.00/each

American Elm 18”-24”                                                                                    $10.00/each

Single Family Lots for Sale – Pauly Park Plat


The City of Jordan has six newly platted single-family home-ready lots for sale. The lots abut a new park being built, Pauly Park which will start construction in May. The three lots on Arabian Drive are in the Bluffs at Cedar Ridge HOA, but the parcels on Maple Lane are not. These are perfect if you want to build a custom home that you can’t get from the national builders. There is no need for a realtor on the purchase as our attorney can process a purchase agreement and work with the title company for the closing. If interested, please call Tom Nikunen at 952-492-2535 or email


Click the links to learn more.

216 Maple Lane – Real Estate Promo Sheet

224 Maple Lane – Real Estate Promo Sheet

232 Maple Lane – Real Estate Promo Sheet

917 Arabian Drive – Real Estate Promo Sheet

925 Arabian Drive – Real Estate Promo Sheet

929 Arabian Drive – Real Estate Promo Sheet

Bluffs at Cedar Ridge HOA Documents

Bluffs at Cedar Ridge HOA Document 2 

Pauly Park Layout March 2024

Accessible Play Equipment Design

Pauly Park Plat Map

Press Release – Emerald Ash Borer Boulevard Replacement Reimbursement

Press Release

The City of Jordan is pleased to announce at the July 24, 2023, City Council meeting, the City Council approved a policy that allows for reimbursement to those landowners that remove and replace Ash trees that are dead, infected, or diseased by Emerald Ah Borer in the boulevard. This policy only applies to residential uses. Applications will be approved on a first come first serve basis. The policy and application are available on the City’s website.

Media Contact:

T.J. Hofer, City of Jordan

Consultant Planner| 952-492-7929

Press Release – Pauly Park

Press Release

The City of Jordan is pleased to announce it has been selected to receive a $350,000 grant from the Minnesota DNR through the Outdoor Recreation Grant Program for a new City park!

The City’s planned Pauly Park is located in the Bluffs at Cedar Ridge and Heritage Hills neighborhoods, south of TH 282 and west of Lydia Road. The grant funding will be used to construct a 3.5-acre park with amenities including an inclusive, ADA accessible playground, pickleball courts, half basketball court, and accessible trails all adjacent to two neighborhoods that have long been without any nearby park. Pauly Park’s playground will be the first of its kind in the City, with inclusive play features such as wheelchair accessible equipment and rubber safety surfacing. The accessible equipment will allow children with disabilities to play alongside their peers, and reap the same physical, social, cognitive, and psychological benefits from playing outdoors. Alongside the new playground will be the City’s first pickleball courts. Initial land development grading work will occur on-site this fall with construction of the new park facilities occurring in summer 2024.

The City of Jordan is grateful for the opportunity to partner with the DNR and is thrilled to be able to provide such an innovative and highly sought after amenity for Jordan residents. The grant program aims to increase and enhance outdoor recreation facilities in local and community parks throughout the state. With the construction of Pauly Park, both the City of Jordan and Minnesota DNR will achieve these goals.

Media Contact:

Tom Nikunen, City of Jordan

City Administrator| 952-492-2535


City-Wide Cleanup Day May 20, 2023

Spring Cleanup Day – May 20, 2023

Buckingham Companies will be conducting the City-Wide Cleanup Day at the Police Station at 705 Syndicate Street near Valley Green Mobile Home Park. Hours for the cleanup are 8:00 am – 12:00 pm, Saturday, May 20th. Drop-off is only for the City of Jordan residents and is free of charge.

Valley Green Park will have a separate cleanup day provided by your Hauler!

Items Accepted: Mattresses/Box springs (4 per vehicle), Furniture, Electronics, Appliances, Grills, Lawnmowers/Snow Blowers (ALL fluids must be drained or they will NOT be accepted), Household Garbage/Toys (Please have any loose items bagged), Scrap Metal, Construction Debris, Windows, Exercise Equipment, Recyclables (cardboard, paper, plastic bottles, aluminum cans, glass bottles).  This list is not all-inclusive!

Items NOT accepted: household liquids/hazardous waste (paints, thinners, cleaners, stains, and varnishes), fluorescent light bulbs, tires, gas or diesel, yard waste, brush, logs/firewood.

Please take Household hazardous waste to Scott County Hazardous Waste Facility located at 588 Country Trail E.  For days and times of operation visit Scott County Household-Hazardous-Waste or call 952-496-8787.

If you have any further questions regarding this year’s Spring Cleanup Day, please feel free to contact our Buckingham at 952-226-6441, and their friendly office staff will be able to assist you!

City of Jordan – Spring Cleanup Ad – Newspaper – May 2023

Fall Clean-up Days October 12 & 13

Buckingham Companies will be hosting a CURBSIDE FALL CLEAN-UP on your service day during the service week of October 10th, 2022 (Wednesday 10/12/22 & Thursday 10/13/22). This will be a curbside collection of your items you are looking to dispose of, so you will not have to load up a truck, car, van or any other mode of transportation to bring it somewhere to dispose of your items. (Click the link to learn more)

City of Jordan Newsletter – October 2022

Press Release: US 169 Pedestrian Underpass in Jordan listed in Congressional Appropriations Bill

US 169 Pedestrian Underpass in Jordan Listed in Congressional Appropriations Bill

March 11, 2022, Jordan, MN – The City of Jordan’s request to Congress for a new pedestrian underpass of US 169 near Creek Lane was included omnibus bill passed by the US House of Representatives and US Senate on Friday. Expected to be signed into law by President Biden, the bill targets $1,124,000 in federal funding for the new pedestrian underpass which is planned to be constructed in cooperation with a planned nearby interchange at US 169 / TH 282 / CR 9.

“The success of this funding is due to the work of many over the past decade” said Jordan Mayor Mike Franklin.

Mayor Franklin continued “The City of Jordan sincerely thanks US Representative Angie Craig, US Senators Amy Klobuchar and Tina Smith, current and past City Council members for their vision and dedication to the project, the Scott County Board and Staff, State Representative Tony Albright, and State Senator Eric Pratt.”

US Highway 169 divides the City of Jordan, separating more than 700 homes from essential businesses like grocery and retail stores, banks, restaurants, and child care. Today, some pedestrians choose to brave the 55 mile-per-hour traffic at a large and intimidating signalized intersection and others opt for worn, floodprone footpaths under a nearby bridge over Sand Creek. Since 2010 the City of Jordan has been seeking funding to construct a pedestrian underpass of US 169 to close this critical gap, making it reasonably accessible for all users and address clear safety issues. The project is a clear safety benefit for users of all ages, abilities, and incomes.

“The City of Jordan is grateful for these partnerships and looks forward to the bill being signed into law” Franklin concluded.

Media Contact:
Tom Nikunen, City of Jordan

City Administrator| 952-492-2535

2021 City of Jordan Roundabout Center Design Survey

The intersection of Highway 282 & Creek Lane will be reconstructed with a new roundabout in 2021. The City is interested in the public’s input on the landscaping within and surrounding the roundabout. Responses to the following questions will be provided to the City Council who will provide direction to project designers in consideration of this input and the City’s budget.

Please take a few moments to take our survey below.

Survey Click Here!


Pedestrian Safety Memo



Press Release: Mayor’s Proclamation of Mayor Ron Jabs Week in the City of Jordan

Press Release:

Thursday, August 6, 2020

Jordan, MN. – At its regularly scheduled City Council Meeting on Monday, August 3, 2020, the Jordan City Council unanimously approved a resolution to proclaim the week of August 9 through August 15 to be Mayor Ron Jabs Week in the City of Jordan.

City Council members shared fond memories and valued lessons taught by former City Council member, Mayor, and Economic Development Authority Chair Ronald Jabs.  During his many years of public service, Mayor Jabs made many lasting contributions to the City of Jordan. Mayor Velishek read the Proclamation aloud to those observing the meeting in person and online. A copy of the proclamation can be found at the following link.

Click here to read the Proclamation for Mayor Ron Jabs Week.

Potential Organics & Yard Waste Drop-Off Site in Jordan

Potential Combined Organics & Yard Waste Drop Off Site in Jordan:

City staff have been working on a grant application in coordination with the Scott County Environmental Services Department.  The City’s goal is to enhance the existing enclosure for household organics drop-off and create a brand new enclosure for yard waste drop-off.

If successful in receiving the grant, the City will incorporate this new combined facility as part of our pre-planned paving project for the Jordan Police Department parking lot this summer. Check out the draft plans by clicking the link below and let us know what you think!

Jordan PD Parking Lot Plans