The City of Jordan has 16 parks, spanning over 70 acres.

Have a question or comment about our parks? Please email us or give us a call at 952-492-2535.


Brentwood Park

Bridle Creek Park

Address: (Bridle Creek Dr)

Fireman’s Park

Address: (Sunset Drive)

Grassmann Park

Jackie Holzer Park

Lagoon Park

Address: (300 Park Dr.)

Log Cabin

Mini Met

Address: (410 Rice St)

Pekarna Park

Address: (Water St. & Rice St.)

Pineview and Cedarview Park (Bradbury Way)

Riesgraf Lions Park

Address: (Creek Ln N)

Ruppert’s Park (Highway 21)

Sand Creek Dog Park

Sawmill Woods Park

Address: (O’Day Drive)

Timberline Park

Veteran’s Park