Here’s where you will find specific City department contacts, news related to each department and other helpful information.


The City Administrator is the chief administrative officer of the City and is responsible to the Council for the proper administration of all affairs of the city.  The City Administrator also oversees community development.

City Clerk

The City Clerk’s office is the point of contact for issuing many business licenses.

Planning and Zoning

The planners are responsible for the enforcement of all applicable City Code provisions and building permit activity within the City.


The Finance Director supervises and manages the Finance Department operations, that is, all accounting and fiscal management activities for the City including management and accountability for all property, equipment used, and Deputy Registrar.

Public Works

The Director of Public Works oversees the City streets, water, sewer system and parks.

Police Department

The Police Department provides public safety response to the citizens of the community.  Police Officers respond to a variety of calls including criminal complaints, medical emergencies, traffic accidents, and many other calls for service.  Please click on the link above to view the department’s website.


Bolton & Menk, Inc. performs city engineering services for the City of Jordan. The firm assists the City of Jordan Staff and Council in planning, studying, designing and constructing city improvements to increase the quality of living for the community.