Looking to rent a park facility? Please contact Jordan City Hall. Click here for more information.

Interested in making a donation to the park and trail system? The Parks and Recreation Advisory together with the City Council and By the Yard, Inc, have established a Bench Donation Program. See the Application for Bench Donation below, for more information.

For all other donations, please contact Planning Department staff at 952-495-2535.

Parks and Trails Maps (2019)

Citywide Map

More information about individual parks available through ParksRx.

Neighborhood Maps

         Arborview, Bridle Creek, River Ridge & Stonebridge


          Sawmill Woods

          The Bluffs at Cedar Ridge

          Timber Ridge, Mill Pond, Hillside & Cedar Lane

          Timberline, Wexford Square & Brentwood

          Valley Green, Brentwood & Wexford Square

2040 Comprehensive Plan (2020)

Chapter 5- Parks and Trails


5.1 Existing Park and Recreation Areas

5.2 Park Search Areas

5.3 Regional Trail Network

5.4 Regional Parks and Trails

5.5 Spring Lake Trail Alignment

5.6 Regional Bicycle Transportation Network

5.7 Snowmobile Trails

Walkable Communities Workshop Report (2011)

Master Parks, Trails, and Natural Resources Plan (2010)