Voting Location for Jordan Residents Within City Limits

The City of Jordan has two voting precincts. Both precincts are located at the Jordan Community Education and Recreation Center (CERC) 500 Sunset Drive.  Precinct 1 is the area south of TH 282 and Precinct 2 is the area north of TH 282.  Listed below are some new housing developments that indicate the precinct you are to vote in:

Precinct 1: Arborview, Bluffs at Cedar Ridge, Bridle Creek, Heritage Hills, River Ridge, Sawmill Woods, Stonebridge, Sunset Bluffs

Precinct 2: Timberline, Wexford Square, Valley Green Park

Before you can vote, you must register.  You must update your registration if you have moved, changed your name, or have not voted in the last four years.  Please remember to bring proper identification with you to the polls if you have to register.  If you have questions, please contact City Hall at (952) 492-2535, Scott County Elections at (952) 496-8560, or the Secretary of State.  You can locate your precinct by logging into online precinct location system.

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    *2020 Campaign Finance Reports
              Mike Franklin 07-27-2020 to 07-31-2020
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Registering Before Election Day

You may register to vote by completing a Voter Registration application and submitting it by mail or in person at your county courthouse.  To appear on the polling place roster, register at least 20 days before election day.

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