Garbage Rates and Service Levels

Garbage is collected curbside in Jordan on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Carts must be set out by 7 a.m. on your collection day to ensure collection. Place carts with the lid opening facing the street and allow for 3 feet on each side of the cart.

Cart Size Frequency of Pick-Up Refuse Recycling Tax Monthly Bill
35 Gal Every other week $3.25 $4.25 $0.32 $7.82
35 Gal Weekly $7.50 $4.25 $0.73 $12.48
65 Gal Weekly $10.50 $4.25 $1.02 $15.77
95 Gal Weekly $13.50 $4.25 $1.32 $19.07

Additional Garbage Cart Fees
Additional garbage carts may be added to your service at the following monthly rates: 35 gallon ($6.50), 65 gallon ($7.50), 95 gallon ($8.50).

Garbage must fit inside your cart with the lid completely closed. Residents may set out extra “overflow” bags of garbage for an additional charge of $3.25 per bag.

Garbage Hold Request
A resident that is absent from his/her residence for a period of thirty (30) consecutive days or more may qualify to temporarily stop city contracted garbage and recycling services, including payment obligations. It is the resident’s responsibility to contact Buckingham Companies to request the temporary stop and provide stop and start dates at the time of the request.

Cart Exchange & No-Out Fee
Residents may elect to change container sizes or add/remove a container without an additional charge. No-Out Fee’s are $5.25 per occurrence.

Walk-Up (Valet) Service
For an additional charge of $10.00 per month, residents may subscribe to a walk-up (valet) service. For these stops, Buckingham Companies will walk the cart(s) to the curb, empty the cart(s) and replace the cart(s) to the original location.

Buckingham Companies will not charge for walk-up (valet) service if a resident is handicapped or elderly and can provide appropriate documentation.

Christmas Tree Collection

Buckingham Companies offers Christmas Tree collection on the first two full weeks in January following the New Years Day Holiday. For 2022 those dates are Monday, January 3rd to Friday, January 14th.

Brush Collection

Brush collection is offered on a will-call basis. Brush piles should not include branch limbs larger than six inches in circumference and four feet in length, and piles should not be larger than 3 feet in diameter. Brush piles must also be tied prior to collection.

Yard Waste Collection

Yard Waste is offered on a subscription basis as well as a will-call service. The yard waste schedule runs April 1st-November 31st. Jordan does offer a yard waste and organics drop off site year round and more information can be found here.

Buckingham Companies
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