Web Based Applications:


Scott County Geographic Information Systems (GIS) has created a mapping application, called ScottGIS3 (SG3), that makes searching for parcel information easy. Simply enter an address or parcel ID number, and the map will automatically zoom to your parcel and display a host of related property information. In addition, SG3 provides access to 120 other layers with accompanying information. Enhanced tools (widgets) are also provided for drawing/measuring, map printing, mailing labels, imagery, and custom map views.


The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources has a wide range of natural resource maps for recreation and commercial activities. You can interact with most of these maps with features such as zoom in/out and overlays.


The Minnesota Department of Transportation offers a range of transportation maps including those providing roadway data and traffic volumes.

Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM)

Please see the Floodplain Page for this map.