Organics + Yard Waste Recycling in Jordan

Organics Recycling is offered to Jordan, St. Lawrence Township, and Sand Creek Township Residents for free!

Yard Waste Recycling (Leaves & Grass Only) is available free of charge for Jordan residents.  The combined drop-off site is located at the Police Department parking lot (705 Syndicate Street).

Acceptable/Unacceptable List


To participate, fill out the Household Organics & Yard Waste Sign Up form online or stop by City Hall during regular business hours.

For St. Lawrence and Sand Creek Township Residents:

  • If you only use the household organics recycling, access to the site is free.
  • If you wish to use the yard waste site, you must pay upfront for the season (April-November).

After Signing Up

After you sign up, you will be contacted via email to let you know the key fob is ready. Please check your spam/junk mail inbox and note it may take up to two weeks for the fob to be ready. You can stop by City Hall to pick up the fob once it is done and receive 10 compostable organics bags to get you started.

Start Collecting

Use any container to collect organics at your house. You can reuse a coffee canister, ice cream bucket, or yogurt tub or you can buy a kitchen compost bucket online or in stores. Use a BPI certified compostable bag or a paper bag. Minimize odors by freezing your household organics until you can drop them off, or make regular trips to the Household Organics & Yard Waste site. Organics recycling is also available to Jordan restaurants. 

Drop Off

Use your key fob to access the site at 705 Syndicate St, Jordan, MN 55352. Place your household organics in the dumpster or yard waste behind the gates. Then, continue collecting! Pick up more BPI-certified compostable bags at City Hall or most grocery or hardware stores.

Site Rules
Usage of the site is limited to those who have signed up with the city. Key fobs may not be shared outside of a registered household. The dumping of trash or prohibited items is not allowed. Yard waste and household organics must be placed in their respective dumpster, no dumping near the site is allowed.  Households with overdue balances may have their access to the site revoked.  This site is under surveillance and violators of any of the policies may have their access to the site revoked.  Replacement key fobs will be charged a $10 replacement fee.  If you no longer need the key fob, please return it to city hall.

Additional Resources

Please call 952-492-2535 or contact the Planning Department with any questions.