The following items are accepted for Organics Recycling.  Click HERE for a printable version.

Food Scraps
• Fruits and vegetables (raw, cooked, spoiled, moldy or frozen)
• Meat, fish, shellfish and bones (raw or cooked)
• Dairy products (yogurt and cheese)
• Eggs and eggshells
• Bakery and dry goods (pasta, beans, rice, bread, cereal, nuts and shells)
• Pet food

Food-Soiled and Compostable Paper
• Paper egg cartons
• Paper bags
• Shredded paper
• Tissue paper
• Napkins, paper towels and tissues
• Paper towel and toilet paper rolls
• Pizza boxes (if not greasy, recycle)
• Parchment and wax paper*
• Certified compostable plates, bowls and containers*
• Certified compostable take-out cups*

* Must have BPI or Cedar Grove logo on product or product container

Other Compostable Household Items
• Coffee grounds, filters, and tea bags
• Houseplant trimmings
• Cotton balls and paper swabs
• Hair and nail clippings
• Wood chopsticks, popsicle sticks and toothpicks
• Animal bedding
• Certified-compostable plastic products (cups, plates, bowls, utensils, straws, bags and containers)*

* Must have BPI or Cedar Grove logo on product or product container

NOT Accepted
These items are recyclable and are NOT accepted:
• Cartons, glass, metal, paper and plastic


These items are considered trash and are NOT accepted:
• Grease or oil (small amounts are okay)
• Chewing gum
• Stickers on produce
• Fast food wrappers
• Butcher paper/wrap
• Microwave popcorn bags
• Refrigerated or frozen food boxes
• Chinese take-out food containers
• Paper coated with foil
• Wrapping paper
• Ice cream tubs
• Products labeled “biodegradable”
• Paper products (plates, boats, bowls without BPI or Cedar Grove certification
• Take-out cups without BPI or Cedar Grove certification
• Dryer sheets or lint
• Cigarettes
• Animal waste or litter
• Diapers or sanitary products
• Cleaning or baby wipes
• Dental floss
• Fireplace or BBQ ashes, charcoal
• Rocks, soil or dirt
• Vacuum cleaner bags or contents
• Black walnut shells
• Latex products (gloves, balloons)
• Clothing or shoes