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Protecting and improving the quality of life for Jordan residents is a daily focus of the Planning and Zoning Department. Our mission is to serve as a resource for creating and guiding the city, its neighborhoods, historic downtown, and the industrial and commercial components into a sustainable future.

As a smaller city along the wooded bluffs and rolling hills of Scott County, Jordan is a distinct place with many amenities and opportunities as well as challenges. Collaborative planning with citizens, businesses, and institutions is integral to the city’s culture, as are public and private partnerships that promote a high quality of life for those living and working in Jordan.

The Planning and Zoning Department is tasked with administering Zoning Ordinances (Chapter 154 of the City Code). This includes reviewing all proposals and applications for compliance, processing applications for zoning relief, and providing zoning information in order to maintain compliance for all properties within the City of Jordan. The Planning and Zoning Department reviews all building applications for building permits, zoning and text amendments, conditional use permits, interim use permits, sign permits, variance applications, design review, site plan review, and planned unit development applications.

Additionally, the Planning and Zoning Department is charged with implementing Jordan’s Comprehensive Plan, adopted in 2009. Through this document, Planning Staff have updated the Zoning Code and Zoning Map to comply with the city’s priorities as outlined by Minnesota State Statute. The Comprehensive Plan is currently in the process of being reviewed and updated to represent Jordan’s priorities into the future.

The Planning and Zoning Department staffs the Planning Commission, Park and Recreation Advisory Commission, Design Review Committee, and brings recommendations to City Council.

Floodplain Information

To find out if a property is located within a floodplain, call the City of Jordan at (952) 492-2535. For information on how to order a Flood Insurance Rate Map for the City of Jordan, visit the Federal Emergency Management Agency website.

Downtown Jordan Master Vision

The City of Jordan embarked on a planning effort that resulted in the Downtown Master Vision, a document that examines the area as it is today and what stakeholders envision the downtown to look like in the future. The plan takes a look at ways to revitalize downtown Jordan, promotes long-term sustainable business success in the area and provides an implementation plan to follow.   This process included public outreach and engagement, gathered information and input from the community, a market analysis, physical assessment and developer outreach.  As a 20-year vision, this document focuses on areas to preserve, enhance and redevelop. The key features of this vision include: creating a “backyard” for downtown, having flexible central park space, providing off-street pedestrian connections and a variety of market-supported redevelopment options, and strategically located public parking.

Upon its completion, the Economic Development Authority and the Planning Commission have recommended approval of the document and the City Council adopted the Vision at the September 16, 2013 meeting.

In order to implement the Downtown Master Vision, the City Council, Economic Development Authority, and Planning Commission have authorized the creation of a Downtown Advisory Committee, which will use the expertise and knowledge of its members to advise the EDA on Downtown Master Vision implementation. By engaging the residents of Jordan, business owners, the City, organizations and developers this vision will be realized by Jordan to enhance and promote economic growth in the downtown.


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