April 26, 2024, is Arbor Day!

“Arbor Day 2024 is all about ensuring our earth and the trees upon it are all happy, healthy, and growing to be as strong as they possibly can be!” (National Arbor Day 2024 theme)

The City has taken a proactive step by purchasing trees to encourage the planting of new trees in our community. We are offering 100 trees at reduced rates, making it easier for you to contribute to a greener, healthier environment. The sale will run for two weeks, starting Friday, April 26, through Friday, May 10. You can conveniently pick up and pay in person at City Hall during our regular business hours. Please note, this offer is exclusively for City of Jordan residents. We have a limited variety of trees available, including 50 Autumn Blaze Maples and 25 each of Pin Oaks and American Elms. (Limit five trees per person)


Autumn Blaze Maples 6”-18’                                                                       $5.00/each

Pin Oak 12”-18”                                                                                                $1.00/each

American Elm 18”-24”                                                                                    $10.00/each