Press Release

The City of Jordan is pleased to announce it has been selected to receive a $350,000 grant from the Minnesota DNR through the Outdoor Recreation Grant Program for a new City park!

The City’s planned Pauly Park is located in the Bluffs at Cedar Ridge and Heritage Hills neighborhoods, south of TH 282 and west of Lydia Road. The grant funding will be used to construct a 3.5-acre park with amenities including an inclusive, ADA accessible playground, pickleball courts, half basketball court, and accessible trails all adjacent to two neighborhoods that have long been without any nearby park. Pauly Park’s playground will be the first of its kind in the City, with inclusive play features such as wheelchair accessible equipment and rubber safety surfacing. The accessible equipment will allow children with disabilities to play alongside their peers, and reap the same physical, social, cognitive, and psychological benefits from playing outdoors. Alongside the new playground will be the City’s first pickleball courts. Initial land development grading work will occur on-site this fall with construction of the new park facilities occurring in summer 2024.

The City of Jordan is grateful for the opportunity to partner with the DNR and is thrilled to be able to provide such an innovative and highly sought after amenity for Jordan residents. The grant program aims to increase and enhance outdoor recreation facilities in local and community parks throughout the state. With the construction of Pauly Park, both the City of Jordan and Minnesota DNR will achieve these goals.

Media Contact:

Tom Nikunen, City of Jordan

City Administrator| 952-492-2535