SRO Press Release_Aug 11 2022

Immediate Release 08/11/22

Jordan Public Schools and The City of Jordan, Minn., are thrilled to partner for the return of the School Resource Officer (SRO) position.

Passed in unanimous votes by both the Jordan Public Schools board and the Jordan city council, the SRO position will bring enhanced safety and security, and strengthen the city-school relationships for the benefit of all District families, students, staff and City of Jordan residents.

The SRO will work a flexible schedule during the school year months and hold many duties for the District. This will include the execution and enhancement of school safety plans, presenting safety information to students and families, and law enforcement action, as needed. The SRO will not be a school disciplinarian, but will assist in fostering relationships with students, their families and agency resources at Jordan Elementary School (JES), Jordan Middle School (JMS) and Jordan High School (JHS).

“We are looking forward to bringing this important safety position back to our school district and for our district families. The SRO position was a valuable addition to our District and a difficult budget reduction in 2020,” said Superintendent Ranae Case Evenson. “We appreciate the City of Jordan’s support in making a difference for our students and families through this partnership.”

“We are thrilled to help provide this extra layer of security and prevention to the school district. The City is dedicated to working arm in arm with our partners in the school district to create the best environment possible for a safe, high quality education for our students,“ said Mayor Mike Franklin.

“The addition of a full-time School Resource Officer into our public schools immensely increases the physical security and safety for both the students and staff,” said Chief of Police, Brett Empey, “I’m very pleased and I’m grateful the City and Jordan Public Schools were able to work together to find the funding to bring this position back into our schools making safety a top priority.”

The SRO position will be hired by the City of Jordan with input from Jordan Public Schools. The intent is to have the position in place for the start of the school year.