Business of the Week November 8, 2017

Business of the Week: RIVERLAND BANK of Jordan

Community banks benefit everyone in their local area and beyond – from small towns to big cities. As the business continues to grow alongside their customers, Riverland Bank is constantly working to provide access, offer a better banking experience, and make a greater impact in the Jordan community.

Business Expansion

Riverland Bank recently announce a new branch will be opening this fall in the vibrant arts district community of Northeast Minneapolis.  This is fantastic news and the new branch will have a positive impact and contribute to the success of our community bank!

Riverland Bank offers a variety of services, specifically:

  • Commercial & Personal Checking & Saving Accounts
  • Commercial & Personal Loans
  • Commercial & Personal Credit Cards
  • CD/IRA
  • Online & Mobile Banking

Contact Riverland Bank to learn more about the services offered right here in Jordan!

Located at: 700 Seville Drive, Suite 100,  Jordan, MN 55352

Phone: 952.260.4477

The lobby is open 9 am – 5 pm Mon-Fri

The Auto Bank is open 8 am – 5:30 pm Mon-Fri


Business of the Week November 3, 2017

Business of the Week: ZAP ARCADE of Jordan

Zap Arcade and Comic Books is a retro comic shop and video arcade located on the main drag of downtown Jordan. Located in a sweet little brick building Zap’s décor will make you feel like you have literally been transported back into the 80s, with Ninja Turtles posters on the wall and a number of comics.

Zap Arcade is the perfect place to host upcoming birthday parties.  Rental during non-business hours is $100 and hour.  Rental during business hours is $150 an hour with a two hour minimum (requires one week notice).


Zap Arcade offers a day pass, where all games are on free play, you just buy the pass and can play as much as you want while you are there!!

Games offered at Zap Arcade:

Contra Beach Head 2000 Operation Thunderbolt
Mario Bros. (140 + multicade!) Twin Eagle Double Dragon
Ms. Pac-Man 190+ Fighting / Beat-um Up Multicade Klax (in Rastan cab)
Devastators (the Tekken IV cab) Time Crisis III
Continental Circuit POW Bad Dudes
Badlands Crime City Marvel Vs. Capcom II
190 Multicade Fighting Games in 1 Silk Worm Road Riot



ZAP ARCADE also offers the following game consoles:

Sega Genesis
PS2 – Guitar Hero (Rock Band back soon!)

Contact Zap Arcade

Located at 234 Broadway Street South

Jordan, MN 55352


Phone: 952.492.7870

The arcade is open Wednesday-Friday from 3-8pm, Saturday 12-8pm, and Sunday 12-5pm.



The Deputy Registrar is closed between July 20-24 due to a statewide computer system replacement.

After July 24:

  • Customers should allow extra time for an office visit as everyone adjusts to the new system.
  • As always, customers need to bring all documentation required to successfully complete their transactions.                             MN Dept of Public Safety News Release