The Economic Development Authority is to carry out economic and industrial development and redevelopment within the City.

The Jordan Economic Development Authority (JEDA) meets on the third Tuesday of the month at 6:30 p.m. The latest Economic Development You can find Authority meeting minutes here.

Jordan Economic Development Authority (JEDA) Members:

  • Ron Jabs, Chair
  • Ray Sandey, Vice-Chair
  • Mike Franklin, Council Representative
  • Tanya Velishek, Council Representative
  • Ryan Dahnert, Member
  • Dan Elke, Member
  • Dr. Chuck Cook, Member

If you wish to contact the EDA please email City Administrator, Tom Nikunen.

Interested in applying to be an EDA Commissioner?

An Economic Development Authority Commissioner position has recently become available. The term of the position is six (6) years. If you’re interested in serving on the City of Jordan Economic Development Authority please contact Addison Lewis, Planner/Economic Development Specialist, at 952-492-7929 or Applications will be accepted until 5 p.m., December 10, 2018.  Applications to serve on the EDA may be found here.

The role of the Economic Development Authority Commissioner is to review and act on matters related to business retention and expansion and community redevelopment/revitalization. The Economic Development Authority strives to proactively encourage and promote economic development by attracting new business, cultivate existing business, improve the business environment and strategically utilize resources to create jobs through commercial and industrial opportunities within the community. The Economic Development Authority serves as an advisory commission to the City Council.

The commissioner should have skills related to civic-mindedness, an interest in economic development, objectivity and an open mind to new ideas, ability to listen, ability to express oneself clearly and concisely in public, enough free time to adequately prepare for meetings, no conflicts of interest, be willing to participate in discussions and activities that advance the community, ability to work with a group to achieve general agreement or consensus on community issues, and maintain good working relationships with other Economic Development Commission members, as well as with planning staff, other city staff, the City Council, applicants, consultants, and the public.