General Rules:
Do not use plastic bags. Place recyclables loose in your recycling cart or in a paper bag.
• Empty and dry bottles, jars, and containers. They don’t have to be perfect- just free of most residue.
• Leave caps on containers.
• Empty and flatten boxes.
• When in doubt, throw it out. 

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Accepted Materials

• Newspaper and inserts
• Magazines and catalogs
• Mail and office papers

• Corrugated cardboard
•Paperboard (cracker boxes)

• Milk and juice cartons
• Soup, broth, and wine cartons
• Juice boxes

Metal Cans
• Aluminum, tin, and steel cans

Glass Bottles and Jars

Plastic Bottles, Containers, and Jugs
• Containers numbered #1, #2, or #5
• Water, soda and juice bottles
• Milk and juice jugs
• Margarine, cottage cheese, cream cheese, and other tubs and lids
• Dishwashing liquid bottles and detergent jugs
• Clear berry and produce containers

Not Accepted Materials

NOT Accepted- DO NOT put these in your recycling
• Batteries
• Black plastic
• Ceramic dishware
• Clothing and textiles
• Food
• Household hazardous waste
• Paper plates, cups, and napkins
• Diapers
• Pharmaceuticals and medicines/medical waste
• Plastic bags and film
• Metal cylinders (propane tanks)
• Scrap metal (pots and pans)
• Shredded paper
• “Tanglers” (chains, extension cords, hoses, string lights)
• Trash
• Yard waste and Christmas trees

The following are banned from being placed in the trash or recycling:
• Electronics
• Major appliances
• Sharps (lancets, needles, syringes)
• Tires