The following items are accepted for Recycling.  Click HERE for a printable version.

Keep it loose in your recycling cart (NO PLASTIC BAGS)

Fibers (paper products)
• Brown grocery bags
• Beer and soda cases
• Cereal, cake and snack boxes
• Refrigerated and frozen food boxes
• Cardboard tubes (wrapping paper, toilet paper and paper towel)
• Paper egg cartons
• Cardboard (non-coated)
• Catalogs and magazines
• Office and school paper (all colors)
• Newspaper, mail and inserts
• Telephone books and other soft cover books
• Pizza delivery boxes (no grease or food residue)
• Cartons (milk, juice, soup, broth)
• Shoe boxes, gift boxes and electronics boxes
• Toothpaste and medication boxes

• Plastics with #1, #2, or #5
• Water, soda and juice bottles
• Milk and juice jugs
• Ketchup and salad dressing bottles
• Dishwashing liquid bottles and detergent jugs
• Shampoo, soap and lotion bottles
• Yogurt, pudding and fruit cups
• Margarine, cottage cheese, cream cheese and other tubs
• Clear berry and produce containers

*Empty food containers and give them a good rinse and leave caps and lids on plastics

Metal and Glass
• Aluminum cans
• Empty aerosol cans (non-toxic and no caps)
• Metal household items (cooking pots, pans)
• Steel food cans
• Tin and other household metals
• Glass containers that contained food or beverage products
• All colored bottle glass (brown, green, clear)

*Empty food containers and give them a good rinse

NOT Accepted
These items are considered trash and are NOT accepted:
• Shredded paper
• Paper products with food residue
• Paper plates and cups
• Paper napkins, towels and tissues
• Gift wrap
• Polly coated cardboard and paper
• Diapers and medical waste
• Plastic bags, film and food wrap
• Tarps, lawn edging and garden hoses
• Coat hangers
• Compostable plastics (#7 PLA)
• Toys
• Extension cords and Christmas lights
Hazardous chemical containers
• Microwave trays
• Styrofoam and packaging peanuts
• Window glass and mirrors
• Drinking glasses, ceramic dishes and vases
• Glass bakeware/cookware (Pyrex)
• Hazardous chemical containers
• Propane tanks
• Light bulbs
• Porcelain
• Syringes and needles
• Electronic Waste (batteries, phones, etc.)