5/17/2021 – City Council approved Ordinances 2021-06 and 2021-07. A link to the Council meeting can be found here.

5/03/2021 – A First Reading was held at City Council for Draft Ordinances 2021-06 and 2021-07 to amend the City Zoning Map to rezone 36 parcels to Neighborhood Commercial and repeal and replace the provisions of the C-1 zoning district. A link to the Council meeting can be found here.

03/23/2021- A Public Hearing Notice has been sent out to affected property owners and all other property owners within 350 feet of a parcel planned to be rezoned. The public hearing will take place at the next Planning Commission Meeting on Tuesday, April 13th at 6:30 PM (116 1st ST E). This mailing also informed recipients that a draft ordinance of the new C-1 District can be found on the website. See the link below.


03/01/2021- Another mailer was sent to affected property owners. The letter included an invitation to fill out a survey either physically or online. A link to the online survey can be found here. Physical copies can be brought to the drop box located outside City Hall. Please complete this survey by Friday, March 19th.

02/25/2021– Those who were unable to attend the Informational Session can view the recorded video here.

02/23/2021– Those interested may attend the Informational Session on Wednesday February 24, 2021 via Zoom or via the City livestream.

01/20/2021-The C-1 rezoning effort is officially launched with a letter sent to affected property owners. The City has scheduled an Informational Session at 6pm on Wednesday, February 24, 2021. People can attend in-person or via Zoom. A Zoom link will be provided soon in this update section. Please RSVP to the Informational Session by emailing or calling Ben Schneider, City Planner (contact info at the bottom).

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What is the Neighborhood Commercial (C-1) District about?

The purpose of the new Neighborhood Commercial district is to “provide convenient access to goods for residential areas in the area and reduce required trips to other commercial areas” (Comprehensive Plan Page 2-26). This new C-1 district will be guided for mixed-use redevelopment, which is expected to be 30% commercial and 70% residential.

To meet the C-1 goal of neighborhood commercial centers that are “complementary and in close proximity to residential uses,” there are two policies identified in the Comprehensive Plan. The first is to “minimize the impact on residential properties by requiring an appropriate buffer and screening between commercial and residential uses.” Second, is to “locate Neighborhood Commercial areas along collector streets to ensure they are easily accessible by adjacent neighborhoods.

What properties are planned for rezoning?

All the blue-shaded parcels in the two maps will be rezoned as C-1. This impacts 44 parcels.

When was this approved?

The 2020 Comprehensive Plan adopted in April 20, 2020 included a new Future Land Use Map to include a Commercial Neighborhood District within the Land Use Chapter.

Will this impact my property taxes?

It depends. Property taxes are assessed based on a number of factors including the value of the property and the use. It’s possible the rezone will increase market values, however the use of a property will not be impacted unless the property owner decides to change it.

Where can I read the City Code on the C-1 District?

This is the current C-1 Zoning Code and a printable pdf version. The existing provisions of the C-1 district in the zoning code will be updated to reflect the goals of the new Neighborhood Commercial district. This is one part of the process where the City is seeking public feedback (see next section).

When will there be meetings about this?

The City has scheduled an Informational Session at 6pm on Wednesday, February 24, 2021. People can attend in-person or via Zoom. A Zoom link is provided in the update section above. A recording of the informational session is available here.

Who can I contact to find out more information?

Ben Schneider, Planner: 952-492-7940 or bschneider@jordanmn.gov

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