The City of Jordan currently has one opening on the Jordan Economic Development Authority (JEDA).  Residents are encouraged to apply for an appointment to the authority by downloading and application from the City of Jordan JEDA page at the following link:

Applications will start to be reviewed November 30th, and should be turned in by then.

The position has an average time commitment of four to eight hours per month for a term of 6 years. JEDA meets every second Thursday of the month at 7pm in the Jordan City Council Chambers at 116 1st St E.

The role of the Economic Development Authority Commissioner is to review and act on matters related to business retention and expansion and community redevelopment/revitalization. The Economic Development Authority strives to proactively encourage and promote economic development by attracting new business, cultivate existing business, improve the business environment and strategically utilize resources to create jobs through commercial and industrial opportunities within the community. The Economic Development Authority serves as an advisory commission to the City Council.