The Jordan Police Department hosts what we call “Kindergarten Safety Demonstration.”  We invite the following agencies to attend: Jordan Fire Department, Scott County Sheriff’s Office, Benjamin Bus, Ridgeview Ambulance, and the Jordan Police Department.  We utilize an area in the back of the elementary school and set up “stations” for each agency in attendance.  Students would spend 15 minutes at each station discussing safety tips, doing a demonstration, or seeing the equipment that a particular agency uses in their line of duty.

This event is designed to go over some safety tips for the children covering a wide array of subjects, such as: bicycle safety, fire safety, animal safety, and electrical safety (to name a few).  They also learn what they should and should not do when they hear emergency sirens.  The program helps teach children not to be frightened by the police, and to realize that the police department is there to help in many different situations.