Business of the Week: Behr Design 

Behr Design, Inc., has been in business for over 13 years, during this time we have been delighted to assist many of our fabulous clients in creating, planning and instilling the design of their dream!

Michael Behr, is the owner/designer. He started his design journey over 17 years ago, he has enjoyed working in almost every aspect of the construction industry. Michael has experience in: residential home design and remodeling, new construction, structural calculations, current construction codes and the latest and greatest knowledge of the Green Building movement. On the green building front, incorporating energy star appliances into your home is a start but as we look at an overall project there are a lot of opportunities to be conscience of the environment. From passive solar, using renewable building products, low VOC paints, high performance insulation, high performance windows to something as simple as recycling building waste. If being green is important to you, we can help you find something that fits into your budget and possibly pays you back. Michael completed his certificate for Minnesota Green Star.

Construction knowledge and design ability has proven to be a great asset to Michael as he continues to grow as a designer and business owner. He has recently designed several remodels and when remodeling, having good construction knowledge is key. He looks at the project through the eyes of a builder, seeing the difficulties and restrictions of the existing structure and knows how to achieve the goals of the project. The same said can be said of new construction. If there is ever an on-site construction question during the building process he can generally figure out a good clean way to fix the problem or will call on one of his associates if the situation is out of his realm of knowledge.

Phone: 952-746-7702