Business of the Week:  Forged by Fago Garage

Forged by Fago provides honest automotive repair and service in the Southwest Metro – servicing Jordan, MN, Carver, MN, Belle Plaine, MN, New Prague, MN, Shakopee, MN and more.

375 Ervin Industrial Dr., Jordan, MN

Call us at 434-426-2071 –

Specialists In Automotive Care:

We take great pride in helping you with all of your automotive maintenance and repair needs. If service is needed we don’t directly provide, we will help you with a referral to somebody we trust who does.

About us:

If you don’t watch out (and even if you do) life is bound to throw you a curveball now and then.  I’ve had my share of adversity along the way, but life for me has been no more difficult than the people who have invested in me and taught me how to work hard, be fair, withstand the fire, and to keep pressing forward.  You see, the ones that taught me these principles carry the name Fago.  Just as they were forged by the fire of life: working the coal mines of Pennsylvania, serving our nation in the Navy in the Pacific theater of WWII, machining tools in Cincinnati, or pressing through some of the most daunting odds; these men and women taught me the perseverance needed to get through life.  Tempered by adversity and formed by those who fought the battle before me, I have been Forged by Fago.

That’s the foundation on which Forged by Fago Garage is built, hard work and determination.  Melded into that foundation are quality, fairness, and decency.  I vividly remember the time when I knew absolutely nothing about gasoline engines, automatic transmissions, hybrid drives, or even the simplest braking systems.  I remember that vulnerable feeling I’d get walking into an auto repair shop wondering if the guy on the other side of the counter would treat me fairly and if his work would be worth my dollar.  That’s why at Forged by Fago we strive to put your mind at ease first by offering high quality service at a good price.  Equally so, we will treat you fairly so that your automotive needs can be as least stressful as possible.

Today’s cars and trucks are one of our most expensive investments and can be even more expensive if not properly maintained.  That’s why we strive to integrate top-tier service with a common sense approach to maintenance.  This way, you are getting the most value out of your automotive investment.

When you bring your vehicle to Forged by Fago Garage for maintenance or repair you can expect:

Your vehicle fixed right the first time.

A quick repair or service with minimal waiting.

Honest, fair and competitive pricing.

To maintain your car’s value.

Dependability and peace of mind.

Honesty & integrity every step of the way.