Business of the Week: The Law Office of Christopher J. Perske, LLC

The Law Office of Christopher J. Perske is a general practice law firm that prides itself in its ability to provide personalized solutions to its clients’ legal issues.  The firm is committed to building strong attorney-client relationships that allow it to provide quality legal services; from the initial client meeting to additional matters that may occur down the road.  These relationships are built on a foundation of respect, communication, and a commitment to excellence.

In providing high quality legal services, the firm serves two important roles, First, as an advocate, Chris Perske will vigorously represent his client’s interests in order to obtain a fair result.  Second, but equally important, is the firm’s role of counselor.  The firm believes that clients are best served by identifying and resolving client issues before litigation or other measures are necessary.  This preventative assistance can avoid unnecessary costs and time of legal action.


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Phone: 952-495-0669

212 2nd Street East, Suite 104

Jordan, MN 55352