Business of the Week: Ahlbrecht Masonry Inc.

Ahlbrecht Masonry Inc. is a family owned business that began in 1987 by owner, Bruce Ahlbrecht.  Bruce created a company with a solid foundation based on three ideal principles: friendly service, competitive prices, and most of all, quality concrete work.  The vision was to construct a concrete business that would serve Jordan and the near-by surrounding towns.   Employing a top-notch crew made up of laborers and masons with strong work ethics in the masonry field was essential.

During twenty years of business, Ahlbrecht Masonry, Inc. has grown in size and services in conjunction with the fast growing South Metro area.  We have expanded our business geographically as we bring our competitive prices and quality cement work to the entire Metropolitan area.

Our Experience

With many years of experience, our crew of masonry experts has developed an unmatched level of quality that is applied to every home and business. Each mason has developed the needed techniques and experience to provide our customers with quality cement work and courteous service.

We have loyal suppliers to ensure that we are able to deliver a quality concrete at a reasonable price. Whether it is block, concrete, or decorative concrete, we never sacrifice quality for cost. Our suppliers always stand behind us with an excellent support staff.

Why Choose Us?

We continue to be a highly recommended company that stands-out in comparison to our competitors.  Simply stated, our crew offers a service that is noticeably different!  By delivering the three ideal principles of friendly service, competitive prices, and quality concrete work, we can assure you that you will be pleased with our work.

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