Event of the Week: Brewers Appreciation Night

Event of the Week: Brewers Appreciation Night

Join the Jordan Commercial Club as they host their annual Brewers Appreciation Night at the Mini Met. The first 100 fans will receive a FREE hamburger! Jordan’s hometown squad will square off against the St. Peter Saints. This event is sponsored by Universal Power Conversion, Inc. and Exit Reality Metro.

Where: Mini Met, Downtown Jordan

When: Thursday June 24th, 7:30 PM

More: RSVP and learn more on the Event’s Facebook Page

Event of the Week: Nickel Open

Event of the Week: Nickel Open

Join the Nickel Open Fund for the 2021 Nickel Open Golf Tournament & Banquet tomorrow. There is still time to take advantage of the nice weather and join in the tournament, banquet, or both to support this worthy organization. The Nickel Open Fund is a a local non-profit committed to raising awareness, building a community of hope for all, destigmatize mental illness & advocate for suicide prevention.

Where: Ridges at Sand Creek

When: Saturday, June 19

About the Event: Learn more and sign up from their event’s Facebook page

About the Organization: More here

Business of the Week: The Neon Orchid Emporium

Business of the Week: The Neon Orchid Emporium

Please join us (and this week’s weather) in extending the warmest of welcomes to Jordan’s newest downtown shop, The Neon Orchid Emporium. Their shop features a wide variety of unique and vintage goods from new to found, that fit perfectly into the repurposed space on historic Water Street in downtown Jordan. Check them out, and buy a delicious treat from the tiny in-house bakery, I Just Can’t Cake It.

The (soft) Grand Opening is today until 7pm, with more goods yet to come!

More from their Website:   A collection of trendy new and uniquely vintage. You never know what you’ll find at “The Neon”. A little bit boho to boutique. Something for everyone. Home Decor, Art, Candles, Baby, Jewelry, Collectibles, Gourmet Treats. Shop in store and online.

Hours: Check on their Website or Facebook

City Lawn Watering Rules

⚠️Public Announcement Regarding Water Use⚠️

Due to the recent heatwave, water usage has spiked causing a strain on the City infrastructure we all share. This demand, along with minor disturbances caused by construction, has resulted in potential lasting and expensive damage to utilities. Residents are asked to do their part and not to overwater their lawns and to avoid wasteful watering during restricted hours (10am-6pm). To further conserve water, the City’s splash pad at lagoon park will only be operated between noon-6pm daily for the near future. City staff will also step up enforcement of the city’s lawn watering rules which are established in city code.

The following rules can be found in Jordan City Code section §51.06

The City Council finds that water conservation is critical to the city’s welfare and to the efficient and economical provision of safe water.  When necessary and in its sole discretion, the city shall enforce restrictions on the use of water outside of any residence or business, including use of private water supplies to the extent allowed by state law, other than on permitted days and hours.

Normal use of outside water will be at level 1. At the discretion of the Public Works Director, the restrictions may be raised to level 2 or level 3 dependent upon water availability. A notice containing the provisions of the upgraded level shall be delivered to each property within the city limits and posted in the lobby at city hall. The notice shall include the dates and times that the upgraded level shall commence.  

Level 1

Watering lawns.  Watering lawns is not permitted between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. year round.  In addition, watering lawns will only be permitted on an odd/even basis.  A total lawn watering ban shall be in effect for properties on the odd side of the street on even numbered days of the month, and for properties on the even side of the street on odd days of the month.

Watering shrubs, flowers and new lawns.  Watering shrubs, flowers and plants and also watering new sod or seed that has been planted within the previous 30 days are unrestricted activities. Over-seeding an established lawn is not considered new seed.  The property owner must provide evidence of the date the new sod or seed was planted. 

Other outside water use.  Reasonable recreational use of outside water is permitted. Use of outside water for washing vehicles shall not occur between 10:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m.  Monday through Friday.  The Fire Department is exempt from these restrictions when used while performing their duties for the city. 

Business use.  A business which relies heavily upon use of outside water and which use may conflict with these restrictions, may apply to the Director of Public Works for a permit allowing increased usage. The permit may include reasonable restrictions as necessary. Each permit determination shall be subject to Council approval.

Level 2

The use of outside water is permitted as listed above, except the permitted days and hours of use shall be set by the Director of Public Works. No recreational use of outside water will be permitted.  The Director of Public Works may revise permits issued for businesses when Level 2 restrictions are imposed. 

Level 3

A total ban of the use of all outside water within the city. The exceptions listed in Level 1 will be permitted. No recreational use of outside water will be permitted.  The Director of Public Works may revise permits issued for businesses when Level 3 restrictions are imposed.  

Any member of the City of Jordan staff may be appointed by the Public Works Director or Chief of Police to enforce this section. City personnel not in uniform shall, upon request, show identification as a City of Jordan employee. The civil administrative penalty for violation of this section will be set by the City Council in the fee schedule, and reviewed on a yearly basis. This penalty may be added to the property owner’s city water bill.

2021 Road Work

Find links below to learn more about roadwork or other improvements impacting area residents.

282 Creek Lane Roundabout

There was an Open House on Tuesday April 6, 2021 at 6pm on this project. Please click here to view a recording of the meeting.

2021 Infrastructure Improvements

There was an Open House on Tuesday April 6, 2021 at 7pm on this project. Please click here to view a recording of the meeting.

MnDOT – Highway 282 Improvements

Please direct any questions on this MnDOT project to Nick Carpenter at 651-335-2435 or nick.carpenter@state.mn.us.

Need more information about City Engineering Projects?

Please feel free to reach out to our Engineering Staff:

Luke Wheeler, of Bolton & Menk, is the Asst. City Engineer. Luke can be reached at (612) 597-9105 or Luke.Wheeler@bolton-menk.com.

Mike Waltman, of Bolton & Menk is the Jordan City Engineer.  He can be reached at (952) 890-0509 x2663 or mikewa@bolton-menk.com.

Business of the Week: Sculpt and Shred Women’s Fitness

Business of the Week: Sculpt and Shred Women’s Fitness

They’rre Baaack! Sculpt and Shred Women’s Fitness is back and at it in Jordan. This week’s Business of the Week took a breather during the pandemic but is here to help you reach your fitness goals. They have announced classes which begin mid-June. Check them out today!

About: Sculpt & Shred is a complete fitness solution that combines strength, cardio, muscle toning, flexibility, balance, and nutrition. Sculpt & Shred offers a wide variety of group classes to suit any woman’s fitness goals.

Where: 191 El Dorado Dr.

More: Facebook | Website

Jewel of Jordan Photo Contest

The City of Jordan is starting a Photo Contest to solicit beautiful photos from the community. Submit your photos that highlight what you love about life in Jordan!

Winners will be announced at a City Council meeting later this summer.

Contest Rules:

  • Entrants must live, work, or attend school in the City of Jordan.
  • Entries must be submitted by the original photographer.
  • Photographs must be unpublished.
  • Minor digital enhancement is allowed, but photos that are significantly modified will be disqualified.
  • Photo must be from within Jordan City limits from the past three years.
  • If photos contain recognizable faces, you must obtain permission to submit. Photos without consent will be disqualified.
  • Submitted photos may be reproduced by the City of Jordan for publications, advertising, and marketing materials.

Photograph Categories:

  • Downtown
  • Parks
  • Life in Jordan

How to Enter the Contest:

  • Complete the Survey Monkey form in its entirety to enter the contest.
  • Photos must be submitted digitally in a JPG/JPEG or PNG format. There is a size limit of 100 MB.
  • Photographs with professional watermarks or logos will be disqualified.
  • Photographers are limited to three entries.


Photos must be submitted by 5pm on Friday, July 2, 2021. Winners will be announced later in the summer.


The panel of judges includes local Jordan photographers Jamie Smith and Steffen Sharikov. This panel will decide the first place winner for the three photo categories. Thank you to our judges!


The first place winner in each category will win a $25 gift card to the Jordan business of your choice. The People’s Choice category winner will be determined by the number of “likes” on the photo from Facebook during the week of July 12-July 18, 2021. The overall winner of the People’s Choice category will also receive a $25 gift card. Winning photos will be featured in various City publications.


Please direct any questions to City Hall at 952-492-2535 or email.

Business of the Week: Radermacher’s Fresh Market

Business of the Week: Radermacher’s Fresh Market

The City is celebrating Radermacher’s Fresh Market as this week’s Business of the Week. Whether you’re going out of town, or staying in, grab all the goods you need to kick off the start of summer! Access to Jordan’s longstanding grocer will remain open during roundabout construction, although the routes to get there may change. Keep an eye on the City’s website and social media channels for updates on detours.

Who: Learn more about Radermacher’s on their website

Where: 500 2nd St. W.


Press Release: City of Jordan Recognized for Sustainability Initiatives

The City of Jordan has been recognized with the highest step in the Minnesota GreenStep City Program, Step 5. Jordan is one of 143 participating cities and tribal nations in the 11-year-old challenge, assistance, and recognition program. After first joining the program at Step 1 in 2015, the City leapt to Step 3 in 2019, Step 4 in 2020, and has now achieved the top step, Step 5.

Read the full press release here

More about Minnesota GreenStep Cities here

Event of the Week: Things We Don’t Say Global IPA Release

Event of the Week: Things We Don’t Say Global IPA Release

Join the Nickel Open Fund and Roets Jordan Brewing this Friday starting at 5pm for the global release of an IPA supporting Mental Health Awareness. Support of this event helps to fund the Nickel Open, a local non-profit committed to raising awareness, building a community of hope for all, destigmatize mental illness & advocate for suicide prevention.

Where: Roets Jordan Brewing in Beautiful, Downtown Jordan

When: Friday, May 21, 2021

Who: Nickel Open and Roets Jordan Brewing in collaboration with Hope for the Day

More: RSVP and learn more on the Facebook event page