Central Business District Design Standards Manual

Downtown Master Vision

Highway Commercial Design Manual

2040 Comprehensive Plan

The City of Jordan Comprehensive Plan is a dynamic planning tool intended to guide the future growth and development of the city.  The Comprehensive Plan is based on local and regional historical facts, trends, and governmental planning standards.

Through engagement of residents and business owners, The City hopes to update its 2040 Plan to reflect the community’s priorities moving forward. Residents are encouraged to contact The City of Jordan’s staff, or to attend Planning Commission and City Council meetings with feedback during this process.

2030 Comprehensive Plan

Chapter 1 – Introduction
Chapter 2 – Physical Profile
Chapter 3 – Demographic Social Profile Jordan
Chapter 4 – Housing
Chapter 5 – Economic Development
Chapter 6 – Land Use
Chapter 7 – Transportation
Chapter 8 – Parks and Recreation
Chapter 9 – Community Facilities and Public Services
Chapter 10 – Utilities
Chapter 11 – Implementation


Appendix A – Draft Surface Water Storm Water Plan
Appendix B – Draft Water Plan
Appendix C – Draft Wastewater Sewer Plan


2.1 Contours Map
2.2a Soils Map
2.2b Soils Legend
2.3 Ecological Sites Map
2.4 Metro Wildlife Corridor Map
2.5 Biological Survey Map
2.7 FEMA Floodplain Map
2.8 Shoreland Overlay Map
2.11 Development Constraints Map
5.1 Redevelopment Sites Map
6.1 Existing Zoning Map
6.2 Future Land Use Map
8.1 Existing Park Recreation Areas Map
8.2 Park Service Areas Map
8.3 Park Search Areas Map
8.4b Existing Sidewalks Trails and Future Trail Map
8.4 Existing and Future Trail Map
8.5 Regional Park and Trail Plan
9.1 Public Facilities Map

Questions, comments, or concerns about Jordan’s Comprehensive Plan? Please contact the Planning Department.